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Vintage Ride
 SAM selects KTSR to host a Vintage Ride!  Find out more...

Next meeting Sunday, December 28 th. at 9:00 am at the Tannery Road Clubhouse in Otis. meetings

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Jeff Gamelli- SAM Snowmobiler of the Year!

Jeff Gamelli, president of The Knox Trail Sno-Riders, is the recipient of  the 2014 SAM Snowmobiler of the Year award. Presenting the award is SAM President, Dan Gould (r). Jeff received the award on Mar. 10 at the Annual SAM meeting at the Blue Bonnet Diner in Northampton, MA. Read about Jeff's accomplishments here!

Adopt-a-Highway and Big Pond ramp removal

On Sunday morning, March 27, 2014, KTSR volunteers cleaned up litter on Rt. 23 in East Otis and removed the ramp at Big Pond. Way to go guys!

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gamelli and gerber

Club president Jeff Gamelli presented a check to winner Fred G.  for half of the pot at the KTSR Annual Poker Run and Picnic on Feb.16, 2014. Fred's hand was 4 Aces!

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The Club needs a Newsletter Editor! 
All you have to do is compile  4- 8.5x11 pages with articles (of your own and others) and photos 4 times per season. Interested?

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Correction: If your local map is the fifth edition it may have an error. The intersection of the Knox Trail (10) and Myer's Trail (9) may be labeled KT35. It should be KT33. Sorry

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